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how to convey all of this information in a more concise and emotional presentation?

i want to provide more than just a pretty picture. I want your photography session to be fun, silly, playful. during each session, it's your job to simply 'be' with your child and re-connect. when you see your images, i want you to remember those giggles, those little things that make your child so darn adorable.  i want you to go forward with a stronger love for your children. and then, i want to pay it all forward.

the mission of emma colby photography
is to inspire parents to strengthen the connection with their children by offering meaningful experiences and heartfelt images


more simply, my hope for you is to:

connect. see. love.

 that's the driving force behind everything here at emma colby photography.


with your child


see your images, see your cute littles in a new light


love your images, love your children, love for our city, love for our future



good for our community  


in order to create a better world, we need kids to grow up kind, open-hearted and loved. parents are the key to this next generation. every session provides a 4 week training session in positive parenting techniques for a parent on Chicago's west side. these families will learn to connect, see, love. too.


good for the earth

committed to being green.


Give Back to the Earth: sustainable practices without sacrificing style or quality

    recycled papers on all marketing materials

    cotton & bamboo paper fibers

    large prints are mounted on eco-friendly matboard; no foam or styrene here!

    option for wood prints

    vegan options available on albums covers for those interested


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The session fee is $600 and packages begin at $300. Most clients will invest between $1250-$1750 for gift prints, an heirloom quality album and digital files. Contact me for full details.


Referral program


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oh how the time flies by...









joyful. beautiful. warm. simple. positive. quality. natural/organic. heartfelt. connection.

if these words describe what you want for your family, contact me now to get started.

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