em colby photography | client-guide





i'm so glad you're here! there's so much to tell you. i can't wait to get started...


first things first

if you have any questions along the way, call or email right away. don't hesitate! i'm here to help.


the mission

empower parents to strengthen their connection with their children by offering meaningful experiences and heartfelt images


here's what you can look forward to...


we'll work out the details of what, when, where, and how. are there any specific shots you want? have questions on what to wear? i'll ask some questions too and get a better idea of your family's personality. we can meet for coffee, skype or just talk on the phone.


The photoshoot

sit back, relax and smile. this is the easy part! get ready and to play with your kiddo.


viewing party

two weeks after the photo shoot, we;ll get together again - at your place or mine - for an in-person viewing and ordering. you'll see your images, choose custom details for your albums, and decide which prints you'll want to display in your home. 


online gallery

a private online gallery with your images will be available to share with family and friends



simple and easy pricing makes it a cinch



maternity add-on

family session





We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone - KATIE THURMES